Maedeh Hojabri, an Iranian teenager, was arrested for posting a dance video on Instagram in July 2018. Following her arrest, dance videos made globally were posted in protest on all forms of social media: #dancingisnotacrime.

In solidarity, in defiance, in seeking self-gratification or collective revolt, we invite you to submit your selfie dance video to #3x3x6 as part of artist Shu Lea Cheang’s 3x3x6 exhibition representing Taiwan at the Venice Biennale 2019.

The title 3x3x6 refers to today’s standardized architecture of industrial imprisonment: a 3 x 3 m² cell constantly monitored by 6 cameras.

Cheang’s exhibition hacks contemporary surveillance techniques to create a trans-punk fiction that questions the hegemonic narrative of the history of sexuality.

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(1) Use your mobile phone to film yourself dancing.
(2) Ensure that the camera is placed vertically.
(3) and submit the clip in MP4 format of 1080x1920 pixel.
(4) film for one minute only.

By submitting your dance video you agree to be part of the 3x3x6 exhibition by artist Shu Lea Cheang for the Taiwan in Venice Biennale 2019. You agree to have your dance movements tracked by our custom facial recognition technology. As a hacking act to the governing surveillance apparatus, your dancing is further 3D morphed to become a neutral gender avatar dance video. The modified video is on display at the exhibition site Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venice for the duration of the exhibition perios (May 11- November 24, 2019) and reposted on instagram#3x3x6.

In accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation, your submitted data remains as part of the #3x3x6 domain only.

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you agree to have your nickname on display at instragram #3x3x6
for us to contact you only